Friday, 23 December 2011


I was just having a fight with her at the noon..later at the night, (just now) someone told me that she just watch my class (school) video and telling me that and that about my girl..what else can I say..speechless..I thought I've made the video private, but still thanks to facebook it just pop up at the ads site..I watch the video again..memories coming back..but she never..maybe ever..
New year is around the suppose to be the 6th years of our met and anny..but things are getting worse and worse and worse...what have I done..

*flashback* Jun 2010 : (we share the same d.o.b. same horoscope of course, same h.o.b. upsr results, pmr results..but...) when it turns to spm' wasn't like I expected..I feel happy for her, but for me, who live under her shadow for such cant control my emotion..but something do cheer me up..we got the same matriculation program..and also the same ipg offer..she went for it..not cheek were wet in front of everyone.. fast is time..can I ever catch it..if I do can, surely I would love to and turn it over again to the last 6 years and fix everything..everyone would love to do so right?
hmm..but she hates me now..i know that I am the causes to all of this mess..I was too ego..but I've realised it now..until I find it too late..
One question thats always plays in my mind..Will there be any chances of me getting her back?

This is the song that she gave when she go peacefully..but now shes gone for good..

You once ask what is the song for you right..this is my answer..

hm..theres dusk in my eyes...nite....Dhiya...


  1. jgn nak sntap sgt. jadi riang ria mcm aku. :P

  2. hg lg tk matang. aku matured la. akusuka mndi :P

  3. Zan,bila aku baca balik entry ni. rse mcm sayu pon ade.sabar tau. ade jodoh ko dgn dia, insyaALLAH allah satukan korang, if bukan mknenye ade yg lebih baik. setiap jalan crita yg allah rancang tu ade sebabye :)


    *kena hack ni, bukan aku. haha

  4. xpla kne hack pon..tanx org yg hack sudi tgk..